Five weeks, five powerful 90-minute sessions led by five of the greatest speakers and leaders in the country. This conference will restore your power, restore your energy and restore your faith in the goodness of the world we live in.  It is time to heal the healers.


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All registrations are made online at  The meeting links will be sent to you via email after registration.

  • $99 Early Bird Pricing (through Fri, Aug 14)
  • $149 Regular Pricing

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Session 1 - Thur, August 20
Eric M. Bailey

You Cannot Reason a Person Out of an Opinion They Never Reasoned Themselves Into.  A Peek into the Brain Science of a Divisive Culture

Session 2 - Thur, August 27
Nicole Lance

Be Intentional: Prevent Energy Leaks and Build Your Capacity

Session 3 - Thur, September 3
Tiana Sanchez

Joy Is NOT Canceled! Resetting Resilience

Session 4 - Thur, September 10
Kris Boesch

Social Super Glue: How to Create a Culture that Strengthens Your Team During Crisis

Session 5 - Thur, September 17
Enrique Feldman

YOU Reimagined: Self-Care, Nutrition, and Mind Set

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Education Scholarship Opportunity

AZNAHRO will award one $600 scholarship according to the established criteria. This opportunity is open to Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing residents.

Maria Moreno
Housing Authority City of Yuma

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Awards of Excellence

Know someone who needs a hug? How about nominating them for a 2020 AZNAHRO/AHADA Award of Excellence! It's our honor to recognize the contributions of individuals and groups dedicated to developing, promoting and administering community development and housing programs in Arizona.

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